Animal Captain is a fun and colorful puzzle game for preschoolers. You’re the Animal Captain, responsible for transporting animals of all kinds across a river. The animals share double rooms, and some animals make great matches while others make terrible matches. It’s up to you to make sure the animals are happy by swapping them between rooms.
All animals are happy to stay in the single room. Each double room can house two animals, and some animals are better travel partners than others. A moose and an elephant are great roommates, as they have no reason to be enemies. A lion and a gorilla make a bad team, as they both have a hot temper. An anaconda and a sheep are really bad roommates, as the anaconda will want to eat the sheep. You can swap animals from one room to another at any time, and once all the animals are happy, the ferry takes off and the level ends.
The game teaches kids about the relationship between animal species, and in particular herbivores and carnivores, yet the focus of the game is first and foremost to be entertaining and fun. Animal Captain is available on the App Store.